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Under the condition of rapid development and constantly powerful iron and steel industry in the people’s republic of China, Shandong Kerui Steel has gone through 12 years. Changes in time, market and in enterprise, the only one invariable is the Kerui people’s management idea of “credible society-based and proud of customer satisfaction".

Kerui Steel was established in March 2003, through more than ten years of development, the current Kerui has three acid pickling production lines with 600,000 tons of annual output, two cold-rolling production lines with 600,000 tons of annual output, two hot-galvanizing production lines with 150,000 tons of annual output, a galvanizing aluminum-magnesium production line with 200,000 tons of annual output, a color coating line with 150,000 tons of annual output, two color coating lines with 200,000 tons of annual output, a color coating line with 400,000 tons of annual output, and an electrostatic powder coating production line under construction with 220,000 tons of annual output. Time flies, after experiencing several years, Kerui Steel has ranked among innovative enterprises, and become the leading enterprise in areas of Boxing County.

“Enterprises competition is the competition in product quality ultimately.” Due to stable product quality and good market reputation, the hot-dipped aluminum-zinc-silicon steel plate, galvanized sheet, galvanized aluminum-magnesium sheet, hot plate, cold-rolled sheet, color-coated sheet and the like in our company are also exported to the Middle East, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Hong Kong and other more than 60 countries and regions besides being marked to various regions at home, and its annual export sales revenue is up to 1 billion Yuan above. It verifies the development goals of “based on domestic market and making itself popular in the world” of the Kerui Steel. Under the overall situation of domestic economy, be sure to choose the approaches of product upgrading and technological innovation, Kerui Steel achieves leapfrog development via product innovation and deep processing. As a high anti-corrosion novel steel, galvanized aluminum-magnesium sheet is mainly used for substituting stainless steel products and improving the performance of galvanized sheet, it was developed by Nippon Steel Corporation firstly. Kerui company seized the vacancy of domestic market and began to study the technology in 2012, through constant experimental data, it is put into reconstruction, and finally, the first piece of domestic hot-galvanized aluminum-magnesium sheet (Kerui trademark: “XLM”) was developed successfully in 2013!.

Focusing on deep-processing lengthening industrial chain of steel plate, spare no effort to develop and grow enterprise, make it stronger. From 2010 to 2014, Kerui company has invested 3.05 billion Yuan, increased a five-stand tandem rolling production line with 1.2 million tons of annual output, two cold-rolling production lines with 600,000 tons of annual output, a hot-galvanizing production line with 150,000 tons of annual output, a color coating line with 100,000 tons of annual output, three acid-pickling production lines with 600,000 tons of annual output, and a thick plate galvanized production line with 400,000 tons of annual output in the new factory, the above production equipment, technical level and production technology are leading in the country, it is mainly engaged in producing ordinary building plate, fingerprint resistant sheet, color printing plate, embossed plate, automobile/home appliance plate, and other top-grade sheet for building. The production of production line in new factory makes Kerui Steel being the new star in the steel plate industry of the Eastern China!

Relying on steel manufacturing, pursue diversified development. Kerui Steel signed an agreement with the world's largest private coating group- Beckers Group in May 2014 successfully to jointly invest 1.5 million Yuan to build laboratory, coating products of the laboratory are totally used for color coating line of Kerui Steel, previously, Beckers Group has constantly pushed out innovative products to Chinese market, such as, high weather-proof polyester coil coatings, super-weather-proof polyester coil coatings and the like. As a modern coils manufacturer, Kerui Steel has 5 color coating lines with 150,000 tons of annual output, which not only needs high quality paint products, but also needs quick and timely supply of materials. The establishment of the laboratory efficiently solves these problems, it is expected that after entering into the second step of the agreement, namely, expansion of production size, Beckers Group is responsible for technology, Kerui company is responsible for the overall sales, so as to achieve the volume production and sales of Kerui sheets paint finally, and to get win-win cooperation.

In today's society, competition and cooperation interact, opportunities and challenges coexist. Adhering to the principle of “good faith diligence, safety innovation, harmony sharing", the Kerui people from generation to generation return customers with products and services and return society with development and revenue, the company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, and successively rewarded the titles of “5A enterprise in metal circulation industry”, municipal “trustworthy and contract-honoring enterprise”, foreign trade “advanced enterprise”, “famous enterprise in Shandong province” and the like, galvanized sheet and color-coated sheet have obtained the certification of “Shandong famous brand".

The amount of the foreign trade export sheet of the company was up to 220,000 tons in 2015, mainly exported products are color-coated sheet, ,galvanized sheet, export area is mainly distributed into the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and other places, in 2016, electrostatic spraying production line will be put into production, as higher-quality color-coated sheet, the electrostatic spraying plate will be more suitable for high-end product market demand.

"To create first-class steel enterprises in China" is the unswerving objective of the Kerui Steel, the company makes integrity running through the whole process of service, creates reputation via quality, pursues benefits via management, makes great efforts to develop the orientation of novel metal material and extension of industrial chain, and composes new chapter of the great development of Shandong Kerui Steel Co., Ltd!

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile